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Conservative and cosmetic dentistry

We guarantee nice and friendly atmosphere. We use high quality modern equipment.

With us you get a beautiful smile.

Conservative dentistry and periodontics

The branch of dentistry dedicated to treatment and prevention of tooth decay as well as various diseases of periodontium, which is a latin term for all soft and hard tissues surrounding the tooth and giving it elementary support (such as the gums, periodontal fibre and the bone).

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  • Skaling
  • Sanding
  • Tooth Decay Prevention: regular check-ups, contact fluoridation
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Tooth Decay Prevention

Although the tooth structure damaged by decay doesn’t regenerate, the decay’s development can be stopped. The aim of the treatment is to preserve the tooth and to prevent potential complications

The filling of the tooth takes place when the damaged tissues are extracted and replaced with a reconstructive material. The most popular materials include glass ionomer cements and modern composite materials.

In case of a very advanced stage of decay process, soft tissues within the tooth become infected. In such turn of events, endodontic therapy is needed due to a developing inflammation of the pulp tissue.

Total neglect of the tooth decay process can lead to the development of gangrene (the rotting decomposition of tooth pulp tissue) or to a complete destruction of tooth crown, which in turn results in its extraction or prosthetic therapy

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Reconstruction of chipped teeth

  • Small tooth damage can be repaired with composite materials
  • This reconstruction technology is perfect for small chip-offs, the breakage of the crown or in case of small cavities
  • It is the fastest and most cost-effective way of tooth reconstruction, but applies only to really small cavities

Splinting of loose teeth

Cosmetic dentistry

With us you get a beautiful smile.

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Whitening of the teeth – Restores the teeth’s pristine whiteness

Press / Cerkon all-ceramic crowns

Beautiful and natural crown restorations the structure of which closely resembles the real tooth tissue. These crowns have great esthetics.

Other services prosthetic and orthodontic

The information available in section prosthodontics and orthodontics.

Endodontics and surgical dentistry

A specialty in conservative dentistry which diagnoses and treats both diseases of the tooth’s pulp tissue and of the tissues surrounding tooth’s apices.

Endodontic treatment is very often a way to save a tooth from extraction.

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  • Root canal therapy
  • ERT – endodontic re-treatment

Indications and recommendations

Endodontic therapy is mainly recommended in severe cavities, the necrosis of the pulp tissue, in cases of tooth fracture, or sometimes as prerequisite for prosthetic therapy – before the application of a crown or of a bridge.

Sterilization i the patient’s health

  • We use modern autoclave to sterilize dental tools
  • We apply regular sterilization tests
  • For each treatment we use single-use equipment
  • We always use gloves during treatment
  • Dental instruments are disinfected before each patient