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Thanks to our own lab we work quickly and professionally.
We have an impact on each stage of treatment thanks to we can choose the optimal solution.

Permanent fillings

Protetyka - uzupełnienia stałe
korona kontra implant


  • They are used to completely cover the damaged tooth
  • Aside from strengthening the damaged tooth, the crown can also improve its appearance, shape or alignment
most vs implant

Bridges / Implants

  • Bridges are often used to replace one or more missing teeth
  • They are placed in spaces where teeth are missing
Protezy Onley Inley

Onley / Inley / Overlay

  • Are kinds of crown restoration which fill extensive cavities in side teeth, i.e. molars and premolars
  • They are more durable than traditional filling
wkłady korzeniowe

Canal posts

  • Canal posts are used to reinforce the tooth’s structure before using it for further prosthetic treatment, e.g. to affix a crown.

Removable restorations

Protetyka - uzupełnienia stałe

Proteza akrylowa

Prostheses acrylic

  • Acrylic dentures (partial and complete) are used to replace missing dentition, both partial and complete.
  • They are used predominantly because of their low cost

proteza metalowa - szynoproteza

Metal framework dentures

  • Such dentures can only be implemented in partially edentulous patients (they don’t apply to patients without any teeth left)
  • The remaining teeth, serving as the support base for the denture, must be solid – deeply rooted, without crown damage


  • New!
Szkielet acetalowy

Acetal frameworks

  • Acetal – ist ein thermoplastisches Material mit einer hohen Homogenität. Es zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Reibfestigkeit, eine hohe Elastizität und eine niedrige Wärmeleitfähigkeit aus. Acetal-Werkstoff wird im Prothetik-Labor mit der thermischen Einspritztechnologie verarbeitet.
Naprawa protez

Repairing of dentures

With time, even the best denture becomes susceptible various damage:

  • the base plate may crack or break
  • the tooth might chip off or come unstuck
  • the clasps might break or bend

Such damage is most common in acrylic dentures, but it does occasionally occur in every type of dentures. Should some damage occur, the denture must be immediately submitted to repair. A broken denture shouldn’t be worn because this might render its mending impossible.

Uśmiechnięta staruszka

Combined dentures

Protetyka - Prace kombinowane
Prace kombinowane - protezy bezkramlowe
Combined dentures – clasp free dentures = Crowns + Metal Framework + Precision Attachments


  1. Frameworks mounted on latch attachments
  2. Frameworks seated on stud attachments
  3. Telescopic Frameworks
Prace kombinowane

Prons an Cons

  • Very decent cosmetic effect
  • Comfort and ease of usage
  • Good hold of the denture thanks to the attachments
  • The need to apply crowns
  • A higher price (crowns, denture and attachments)

Mouth guards

Protetyka - ochraniacze
Szyny dla sportowców

Mouth guards for athletes

Special mouth guards preventing the teeth from mechanical injuries. They come in various sizes and colors, according to client’s wish.

Szyny relaksacyjne dla zgrzytajacych

Occlusal Splints

Special type of mouth guards, usually for night use, for people who have problems with teeth clenching