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Szkielet acetalowy

Acetal frameworks


  • Acetalprothesen werden aus dem Acetal-Stoff angfertigt
  • Acetal – ist ein thermoplastisches Material mit einer hohen Homogenität. Es zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Reibfestigkeit, eine hohe Elastizität und eine niedrige Wärmeleitfähigkeit aus. Acetal-Werkstoff wird im Prothetik-Labor mit der thermischen Einspritztechnologie verarbeitet

Additional information

  • Just like the regular framework dentures, the acetals are affixed with clasps and supports and as a result, they don’t exert pressure on the gums
  • They have high elasticity, which makes them a perfect solution for teeth growing at big angles and with deep arcades.
  • A good cosmetic solution for patients wanting to avoid exposure of metal clasps
  • They are affixed on elastic, white or pinkish clasps – the color being adjusted to the rest of the teeth or imitating gum color, making the denture virtually invisible
  • Thanks to the framework constructed from acetal they are light, thin and visually appealing
  • Their surface rests upon the palate at a minimum degree, thus occupying very little space in the oral cavity
  • They are easier and more convenient to use, compared with the ordinary acrylic dentures
  • They’re a good solution for small dentures (when one or just a few teeth are missing) – perfect as a ‘clip’
  • Acetal is devoid of monomer, it is a great substitute for metal and acrylic resin. It is non toxic and causes no allergies